1. Ja Darth Vader, aber da mit der Obama-Handpuppe das reale Leben von Darth Vader zu 100% nachgespielt wurde, fehlt der Inszenierung irgendwie satirischer aufklärerischer Witz.
    Wenn der echte Darth Vader lügt müsste der Obama-Handpuppe eine lange Nase wachsen, oder so … das vermisse ich oder war das Puppenspiel eine Huldigung für unseren Impoporator?

  2. Apropos dunkle Seite der Macht: Neben Figo und Maradona reisten auch die Engländer Robbie Fowler und Steve McManaman, die Franzosen Jean-Pierre Papin (früher Bayern München) und Fabien Barthez, der Argeninier Roberto Ayala und Uruguays Enzo Francescoli nach Grosny. Auch Matthäus lief schon für Kadyrow auf. Dem Spiel ging eine zweieinhalbstündige Eröffnungsfeier für das neue Achmat-Kadyrow-Stadion voraus, benannt nach dem Ex-Präsidenten Tschetscheniens und Vater Ramsan Kadyrows, der 2004 bei einem Bombenanschlag in einem Stadion in Grosny ums Leben gekommen war. Man vermutet, Ramsan habe in Absprache mit Putin den Vatermord in Auftrag gegeben, um selbst ans Ruder zu kommen. Das 30.000 Menschen fassende Stadion soll dem Verein Terek Grosny eine Heimat bieten. Der Club unter Trainer Ruud Gullit, Ex-Nationalcoach der Niederlande, wird ebenfalls von Präsident Kadyrow geführt. Der 34 Jahre alte Tschetschenenführer hat sich den Bau des neuen Stadions geschätzte sieben Milliarden Rubel (rund 180 Millionen Euro) kosten lassen. Im vergangenen März hatte Kadyrow bereits ein Testspiel gegen eine All-Star-Mannschaft unter anderem mit Lothar Matthäus und den beiden brasilianischen 94er-Weltmeistern Bebeto und Dunga organisiert. Bei 200.000 USD pro Nase für ein Mal Auflaufen spielt sowas wie Gewissen natürlich keine Rolle. Ein paar Hintergründe: According to some media, Kadyrov has been personally implicated in several instances of torture and murder. A number of Chechens opposed to Kadyrov have been assassinated abroad, and several witnesses (including Artur Kurmakaev and Ruslan Khalidov) report the existence of a 300-name “Murder List”. Chechens who have been murdered, where Kadyrov’s involvement is suspected, include Movladi Baisarov and Ruslan Yamadaev (both Moscow); Sulim Yamadaev (Dubai); Gazhi Edilsutanov, Islam Dzahnibekov, Ali Osaev (Istanbul); and Umar Israilov (Vienna). Kadyrov claims (in December 2009) that he had personally helped many of the murder victims and their families and was not their enemy. “I don’t want to kill, who did I fight? I fought terrorists. Who did I protect? I protected the whole of Russia so that people in Moscow or St Petersburg… could live in peace. They accuse me of killing women and children. It’s not true.” A mutinied commander, Movladi Baisarov, said about Kadyrov: “He acts like a medieval tyrant. If someone tells the truth about what is going on, it’s like signing one’s own death warrant. Ramzan is a law unto himself. He can do anything he likes. He can take any woman and do whatever he pleases with her. (…) Ramzan acts with total impunity. I know of many people executed on his express orders and I know exactly where they were buried.” On 18 November 2006, Baisarov was killed in an ambush by members of Kadyrov’s police on Moscow’s Leninsky Prospekt, only a few hundred meters from the Kremlin. On 13 November 2006, Human Rights Watch published a briefing paper on torture in Chechnya that it had prepared for the 37th session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture. The paper covered torture by personnel of the Second Operational Investigative Bureau (ORB-2), torture by units under the effective command of Ramzan Kadyrov, torture in secret detentions and the continuing “disappearances.” According to HRW, torture “in both official and secret detention facilities is widespread and systematic in Chechnya.” In many cases the perpetrators were so confident that there would be no consequences for their abuses that they did not even attempt to conceal their identity. Based on extensive research, HRW concluded in 2005 that forced disappearances in Chechnya are so widespread and systematic that they constitute crimes against humanity. Anna Politkovskaya, a veteran Russian reporter (murdered in 2006; case unsolved as of April 2010) who specialized in Chechnyan reporting, claimed that she had received a video footage of a man identical in appearance to Ramzan. “….On them (the clips) were the murders of federal servicemen by the Kadyrovites, and also kidnappings directed by Kadyrov. These are very serious things; on the basis of this evidence a criminal case and investigation should follow. This could allow this person to be brought to justice, something he has long richly deserved,” she said. She was allegedly working on an article revealing human rights abuses and regular incidences of torture in Chechnya at the time of her murder. Some observers alleged that Kadyrov or his men were possibly behind the assassination. On 23 October 2006, a criminal case was registered on the basis of the video tape frames published by the Novaya Gazeta newspaper in Anna Politkovskaya’s article. Sergey Sokolov, deputy editor-in-chief of the paper, told the Echo Moskvy Radio that it can be clearly seen in the video as to how “Kadyrov’s military forces are beating federal soldiers” with participation of “a man looking like Ramzan Kadyrov.” On 7 October 2006, Politkovskaya was found shot dead in an elevator in her apartment in Moscow. German human rights group the Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV), which branded Kadyrov a “war criminal”, has alleged that up to 75 percent of recent incidents of murder, torture, rape and kidnapping in Chechnya have been committed by Ramzan’s paramilitary forces. The Memorial group investigator stated in its report: “Considering the evidence we have gathered, we have no doubt that most of the crimes which are being committed now in Chechnya are the work of Kadyrov’s men. There is also no doubt in our minds that Kadyrov has personally taken part in beating and torturing people. What they are doing is pure lawlessness. To make matters worse, they also go after people who are innocent, whose names were given by someone being tortured to death. He and his henchmen spread fear and terror in Chechnya. (…) They travel by night as death squads, kidnapping civilians, who are then locked in a torture chamber, raped and murdered.” According to the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights Places of Detention in the Chechen Republic” report, many illegal places of detention exist in the Chechen Republic; most of them are run by Kadyrovites. In Tsentoroi (Khosi-Yurt), where the Kadyrovite headquarters is located, there are at least two illegal prisons functioning. One consists of concrete bunkers or pillboxes, where kidnapped relatives of armed Chechen fighters are held hostage while the second prison in Tsentoroi is evidently located in the yard — or in immediate vicinity — of the house of Ramzan Kadyrov. The Kadyrovites are often accused of working as a death squad against Kadyrov’s enemies. Ramzan is rumoured to own a private prison in his stronghold of Tsentoroi, his home village south-east of Grozny. Fields around Tsentoroi are allegedly mined and all access routes are blocked by checkpoints. On 2 May 2006, representatives of the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) alleged that they were prevented from entering the fortress. A video leaked out in which armed men, loyal to Kadyrov, displayed the severed head of a Chechen guerrilla (who was killed in July 2006) for public display in the village of Kurchaloi, marking the brutality of his forces. They mounted the head on a pipe, together with blood-stained trousers and put a cigarette on him. It was displayed for at least a day as they came back a day later to record it again. On 21 September 2005 a similar incident occurred, as published by Memorial as well as Kavkazky Uzel which described “shocking details” of a special operation conducted by forces loyal to Ramzan Kadyrov. On 1 March 2007, Lyudmila Alexeyeva, the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group rights organisation, stated “Kadyrov is to blame for kidnappings of many innocent people. Their bodies were found later with signs of torture.” Umar Israilov was assassinated in Vienna on 13 January 2009. Israilov was a former Kadyrov bodyguard, who cooperated with The New York Times, extensively detailing abuses committed by Kadyrov and his associates. Israilov had told Austrian authorities in 2008 that he had been threatened by an agent sent by Kadyrov to drop his lawsuit against the Chechen leader at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. On 27 April 2010, the Austrian prosecutor’s office announced that they believed Ramzan Kadyrov had ordered the kidnapping of Israilov and Israilov had been murdered while attempting to escape. According to the investigation, there was evidence that Otto Kaltenbrunner (adopted name of Ramzan Edilov), one of the suspected kidnappers, had been in contact with Kadyrov personally. Kadyrov’s office denied the accusations. On 15 July 2009, Natalia Estemirova, a member of Memorial society, who investigated the alleged abuses by government-backed militias in Chechnya, was abducted and shot to death. Memorial’s chairman Oleg Orlov accused Kadyrov of being behind the murder, and claimed that Kadyrov had openly threatened her by saying: “Yes, my hands are up to the elbows in the blood. And I am not ashamed of that. I will kill and kill bad people”. Kadyrov denied any involvement in the killing and promised to investigate the killing personally. He condemned the killers, and in response to Orlov’s accusations, said: “You are not a prosecutor or a judge therefore your claims about my guilt are not ethical, to put it mildly, and are insulting to me. I am sure that you have to think about my rights before declaring for everyone to hear that I am guilty of Estemirova’s death.” It was later reported that Kadyrov would be suing Memorial for defamation and slander, targeting Orlov personally with his complaint. UND DAS ALLES GESCHIEHT UNTER AUSDRÜCKLICHER DULDUNG PUTINS! Durch den Tod des Vaters gelangte Ramsan Kadyrow an die vorderste Front der tschetschenischen Politik – mit aktiver Hilfe von Russlands damaligem Staatschef. Der neue Protegé des Kreml-Chefs wurde zunächst Vize-Ministerpräsident und war für Sicherheitsfragen zuständig. Der Aufstieg zum Regierungschef folgte im März 2006. Seitdem erlebte Tschetschenien einen immer weiter wachsenden Personenkult um den starken Mann in Grosny: „Ramsan, wir sind stolz auf dich“ steht unter großflächigen Porträts, die über den Straßen der autonomen Kaukasus-Republik prangen. Am 2. September 2010 ließ er offentlichkeitswirksam vom tschetschenischen Parlament seine Bezeichnung von “Präsident” in “Oberhaupt” ändern. Nach Aussage Kadyrows stehe nur einer Person in der Russischen Föderation die Bezeichnung Präsidenten zu, nämlich dem Staatschef. Im Parlament diskutiert wurden jedoch auch Vorschläge, Kadyrow den Titel “Imam” oder “Vater des Volkes” zu verleihen.

  3. Dramatiker Hochhuth empfiehlt US-Militäreinsatz nach OBL-Muster

    Hochhut im selben Artikel : “Die Einflussmöglichkeit der Kunst wird völlig grotesk überschätzt”

    Nicht aber die Hochhuths ?…also kein Künstler?…Stimmt natürlich auch wieder !

    Dieser Untote des Literaturbetriebs hält für die Navy Seals hoffentlich auch die richtigen GPS-Daten vor….”Kill ’em first, than let God sort them out”…abseilen bei Marcel-Reich Ranikel in FFM mit anschließender Seebestattung im Main wäre denen bei falscher Dramatiker-Info-Betankung nämlich sonst zuzutrauen….:-)

  4. “Ich lebe an einem Ort, wo ihr mich nicht erreichen könnt. Ich lebe in den Herzen von Millionen”, sagte Gaddafi laut Welt.de. Ein paar dieser Herzen pumpen Blut durch die Körper von Bröckis LeserInnen.

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