Facts, Forgeries and the Suppressed Evidence of 9/11

Facts, Forgeries and the Suppressed Evidence of 9/11

Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise des 11.9. (Frankfurt 2003)

by Mathias Broeckers and Andreas Hauß


“Almost two years after Sept. 11, we know just as little about the perpetrators as we did 48 hours afterwards.” Thanks to the new book by Mathias Broeckers and his co-author Andreas Hauß, this is about to change.

When Broeckers’s bestseller Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theories and the Secrets of 9/11  was  published in Sep. 2002, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung asked: “Does such highly explosive material belong in in the hands of civilians?” The “bestseller of wariness” (Der Spiegel) is currently the Zweitausendeins publishing house’s fastest-selling book. After ten months it is already in its 31st edition, with translations into such exotic languages as Bahasa Indonesia.

According to Broeckers, almost two years after the attack we officially know “just as little about the perpetrators and the brains behind as we did 48 hours afterwards.” To this day, one of the most shocking crimes of human history remains completely unsolved.

Thanks to the new book by Broeckers and Hauß, this is about to change. Facts, Forgeries and the Suppressed Evidence of 9/11 documents the inconsistencies of the September 11 plot, complete with alarming new evidence. Just a few examples:


·     Some of the September 11 hijackers were obviously trained at U.S. military facilities.

·     Over a period of time two U.S. flight schools trained hundreds of Arabian flight students, among them some of the presumed hijackers. One of these flight schools is owned by a friend of Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida and brother of president George W. Bush.

·     After 9/11 all the evidence from one these flight schools mysteriously disappeared into a transport plane on which Jeb Bush was a passenger.

·     Atta, officially regarded as the mastermind behind the September 11 plot, entertained close connections to undercover agencies. At times he was allowed to enter the U.S.A. without a valid visa. After a conversation with an unknown immigration official Atta received a visa for eight months.

·     There are at least two or three people who impersonated Atta. One witness to these impersonations felt pressured by the FBI and later disappeared.

The book reconstructs what the most important members of the government – Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld – did on September 11. Unbelievable.

·     The Bush administration’s excuse for its inability to prevent the terror attacks was that the hijacking of civilian planes had previously been considered inconceivable and “beyond all reason” (Condoleezza Rice). However, only a few months earlier, an emergency drill had simulated an attack on the Pentagon by a hijacked Boeing 757. And it was a Boeing 757 that crashed into that building on September 11.


Broeckers and Hauß’s book documents that instead of interceptors there were three four-engine military C130s in the area of the impact zone, despite an overhead flight ban, and that hundreds of air traffic controllers failed to notice this “flying circus” because the air control center in charge was being evacuated at exactly that time.

To the amazement of special forces in Afghanistan, a direct government order prohibited them from shooting or capturing the crème de la crème of Al Queda after September 11. On orders from above, even members of Bin Laden’s closest family were flown out of the country unhindered.

Only 48 hours after the events of September 11, the FBI presented a list of 19 suicide bombers. Strangely, six of the allegedly dead hijackers reported that they were still alive. They all have alibis. Who are the dead? Stranger still, the list has not been updated.

After their deaths, the foreign victims of September 11 were declared American citizens. This prevented foreign nations from having access to material evidence such as corpses and luggage. Nine corpses, most likely belonging to the hijackers, are lying on ice unidentified.

Reluctantly, the government agreed to form an investigation committee. Equipped with a shockingly low budget, it was too little, too late. The head of the committee is a Republican with surprising business partners. In a million-dollar lawsuit they are accused by lawyers of the bereaved of supporting and financing Al Queda.

The book shows how the U.S. government held up a thorough investigation of the mass murder, while suppressing, concealing and destroying tons of evidence. Why?

This meticulously researched book details the gigantic, outrageous scandal behind the unsolved mass murder of September 11. Its trail leads to the fulcrum of power, the forces that have now set out to free the world from terror: the intelligence services and military establishment of the U.S.A.




Chapter Breakdown




Almost two years after Sept. 11 we still know as little about the perpetrators as we did after only 48 hours. We can observe a virtual black-out of the mass media, which run and re-run the same images day after day instead of asking what really happened on 9/11. The authors do not claim to know “what really happened,” they do not put forward a theory. But in view of the disturbing facts and obvious inconsistencies, they are not ready to leave the official explanation unquestioned. Rare but reliable sources provide “elusive information” (information that is not repeated incessantly for the purpose of turning media consumers into Pavlovian dogs) that leads to new conclusions, new questions and a growing demand for publication of suppressed evidence.


The great tale of Osama and his 19 predators

Within days and hours the U.S. government knew who was responsible for the attacks of 9/11, how the hijackings had been done and who had masterminded them – a comprehensive story of the story.


Who’s who – the 19 terrorists

Includes a survey chart of the 4 flights, photos of the alleged 19 hijackers, and copies of Hani Hamjour’s visa applications in two different handwritings.

Some of the alleged hijackers were obviously trained at U.S. military facilities. Evidence leading to “Arabs” was obviously planted. Researching the names of six of the persons listed, the authors prove their identities to be completely unclear; their research into Atta, Jarrah and Hanjour indicates that these persons had doppelgangers who planted “evidence.” Reliable sources like the INS establish that Mohammed Atta entered the United States twice on the same day, which is impossible…


Evidence proving nothing

Nine bodies

The bodies of all the crew and passengers of Flight 77 (Pentagon) and UAL93 (Shanksville PA) have been identified and buried. Except for the five and four bodies of the alleged hijackers. There is no rational reason why these bodies have not yet been identified as Jarrah, Ghamdi and so on, but stored on ice in the mortuaries of the FBI.


Falsified passenger lists

The real passenger lists have never published; the information initially released to the public was incomplete and did not even include the names of the alleged hijackers. But things went wrong even with regard to the “normal” passengers: there were people on the lists who had not even been at a Boston or NYC airport (as proven by the cases of Larsons and Bukharis).


The cell-phone calls

The Barbara Olson story is one of the most important ones because it was her husband’s account that introduced the box cutters. Ted Olson happens to be the attorney who successfully represented Mr. Bush in front of the Supreme Court, helping Bush obtain the 5:4 decision that made him President of the U.S.A. The story is researched meticulously, one statement of Olson’s after the other. There is no evidence that this cell-phone call ever took place, and there is evidence enough to distrust Mr. Olson. Other cell-phone calls have not been cited in evidence.


A short story of not flying

Scrambling interceptors is a normal NATO routine and happens several times per year.

Interceptor jets, when assigned to air-policing duty, are placed in so-called QRA status. Andrews AFB provides interceptors day and night in this status because of its responsibility to protect the Air Force One, the DC area and especially the restricted airspace over government buildings. There were no interceptors on 9/11, and the lame excuses given by the Bush government were brazen lies (e.g. that Andrews was not responsible in matters of QRA).

Only two days after 9/11, more intense questioning by the media led to a change in the government’s story: there were interceptors, but because of bad luck they were scrambled too late. The story of F-15 interceptors from Otis AFB on Cape Cod coming too late is also researched and shown to be a bare-faced lie.


Remote control is technically possible

Some arguments and information on remote control devices, even for “heavies” – big airliners. How to overcome obstacles and what has already been publicly shown.


C-130 and other flights

Aircraft capable of electronic warfare are rare, but the specialized electronic version of the C-130 plane, the EC-130,  are based in Pennsylvania, at the very heart of the events. More important: they were seen, and according to witness statements, they were flying close to the place and time of the incidents. But most importantly, these relatively slow aircraft were there in time but interceptors weren’t, and they were there when airspace was already closed. This is particularly relevant to the UAL93 (Pennsylvania crash), which was accompanied by a C-130, a Fairchild Falcon, a small white jet, and an interceptor – altogether a real flying circus. By chance, the world’s biggest air traffic control center in Cleveland, which was responsible for the airspace around UAL93, was evacuated at just that time. Hundreds of air traffic controllers – potential witnesses – were excluded from the events.


Hijacked hijackers?

That there were hijackers on board can not be ruled out, as nobody can say exactly what happened on board. So the existence of C-130s close to the airliners does not prove the use of remote control. More inconsistencies are discussed, e.g. concerning “invisibility” to radar and features of transponders.


God’s beam – Raytheon

Raytheon Co. is a leader in the research and production of aircraft electronics. Five company officials died in the four flights and, as chance would have it, two more died in a crash on May 2002. Their plane was piloted by a Mr. Al-Ghamdi – which is the name of two alleged hijackers.


Who did what when on 9/11?



No member of the Bush administration assumed responsibility in the crucial hours. There was no crisis committee, no order to scramble interceptors or questioning of why they did not, no sign of any reaction to the abnormality of the situation.


Five seconds in Sarasota

includes photos of Bush being informed about the second tower being hit and shows his facial reaction.

Bush simply went on reading stories about a pet goat with second-graders in Sarasota, Fla. – although fully informed of the scale of the tragedy.

(See: http://www.medienanalyse-international.de/3seconds.html)



Includes photos of Atta in Portland, which prove nothing

This timeline returns to the events of the fatal day, providing reliable information for the reader. The spotlight is not only on Bush but also on Rumsfeld (who was fully informed but entered the National Military Command Center about 2 hours after notification. (See: http://www.medienanalyse-international.de/rumsfeld.html) Cheney and Myers — none of whom did anything to take countermeasures. People at the center of the events seem to have been placed there to block an effective response to the hijackings.


An interesting day

A verbatim quote from George W. Bush. This was his summary of the day.


Advance knowledge

Propaganda and the tip of the iceberg

The story of the 4000 Jewish workers at the WTC purported to have had advance information as the starting point of the anti-Semitic spin, and the real advance information received by officials of Odigo Co. And then the really interesting findings: the mayor of San Francisco was warned not to take a flight that day.

Boeing 757 vs. the Pentagon
A simulation in November 2000

Pentagon officials cancelled their flights too. At the Pentagon itself, astonishingly precise countermeasures had already been taken: the MASCAL plan included a simulation of a “heavy” hitting the Pentagon (simulated in October/November 2000), and in May 2001 the Pentagon’s medical personnel had an emergency drill preparing them for a hit by precisely a Boeing 757.
The Pentagon building was prepared for the incident, having had steel beams, Kevlar panels, and bomb-resistant windows installed in the very one of the five wedges struck by AA77. Rumsfeld’s office is directly opposite: in other words, tens or hundreds of walls and half a kilometer away, as safe as safe can be. Bush seems to have met industrial and financial leaders of the U.S.A., because there is no other explanation for his detour on the afternoon of 9/11 to Offutt AFB, where Warren Buffett had invited him to a charity event.

Transparent excuses

The U.S.A. had been warned by both inside (FBI agents) and outside sources. “We could not connect the dots” is characterized as the “incompetence theory.”


Terrorist leader” and/or agent?

Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

Atta’s entire behavior in Florida is suspicious. Facts about his girlfriend, lap dancer Amanda Keller, have been suppressed by the FBI; the flight schools are located at airports with a long tradition as CIA drug transportation bases.


1001 Nights in Hamburg

There were several secret services included in the observation of the Hamburg cell – but were they only observing? Proof of officially acknowledged attempts to put “Hamburgians” on the payroll of the services. Why are the findings of years of surveillance and telephone tapping not being released? The German government has declared them a matter of national security; Binalshib and other witnesses are not allowed to be interviewed by the courts.




Fabricated evidence

The initial evidence “discovered” is illogical and obviously planted.


Suppressed evidence

A short list of overwhelming material evidence that should be available but is not being released.


Lost evidence

The criminal investigations at all three disaster sites were appallingly unprofessional. “We know everything already” was the explanation for destroying material and circumstantial evidence.


Blocked investigations

Whistleblowers were hindered or fired nationwide, before and after 9/11. Different cases are related, each a scandal in itself and all of them coming together to yield a single handwriting.

The misery of the commissions

Bush tried to block the establishment of a commission. When a Congressional commission was subsequently formed, it proved ineffective: the so called “Independent” Commission is not independent; it is under-financed and has produced no real results. If the wrong people ask the wrong questions, the consequence will be wrong answers. Pressure from the victims’ families is growing. Not even one of the officials responsible for investigating 9/11 has been fired or investigated for alleged “incompetence.”



The mass media did not investigate. They monotonously repeated the official story, even when “elusive information” made the contradictions obvious.


The September lie

A common way of quelling dissenters, especially in Germany, is to equate their findings to “Auschwitz denial”. This is exactly what was done by Der Spiegel magazine in its reports on Nico Haupt, von Bülow, Broeckers and Hauß. But it is clear that the events of 9/11 events are part of a wider scenario.


The prolog: Jihad Inc. Made in U.S.A.

A short history of U.S. involvement in Osama’s actions and of the Afghan tragedy. To the amazement of special forces in Afghanistan, a direct government order prohibited them from shooting or capturing the crème de la crème of Al Queda after 9/11, just as the U.S. government had not been interested in Sudanese offers to deliver mountains of evidence against Al Queda before.


Three explanations of 9/11 are currently under discussion


Scenario 1: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The official version: After being trained by the U.S. to terrorize the Soviets in Afghanistan, Osama separated from his U.S.-affiliated family because in the aftermath of the first Gulf war he wanted the U.S. troops out of the Muslim Holy Land. As his fury mounted, he expanded his campaign of terror, which led directly to the suicide attacks.


Scenario 2: LIHOP

“Let one happen stop the rest”: a quotation from Delmart Vreeland, who claimed to be a CIA agent – somehow – involved in the preparations.


Scenario 3: A New Pearl Harbor

Documents of the PNAC -Project for a New American Century- reveal that this Wolfowitz-led faction of the neocons had already been interested in a new Pearl Harbor-style incident for a decade. Such a tragedy could rapidly shift American public opinion in the direction of war, financing a war, and the will to dominate the world or at least gain hegemonial power. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security are helpful measures.


A War against Europe

Following the strategic thinking of the Wolfowitz doctrine, the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq are wars to control the energy resources of Europe and the Far East, especially China.



The book is based chiefly on quotations from online editions of reputable, reliable media organizations or online publications of official institutions like the White House and the Pentagon. Readers can therefore obtain and evaluate the material themselves.



Video CD of Daniel Hopsicker’s: “Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus” (in English)

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