11.9.2016: Our 9/11

In August this year (2016)  I received a note requesting advice on a new project. As the project in question was rather unique in scope – dealing as it did with founding a new religious order or church – the signatories of the note requested that I preserve their anonymity should I decide to report on their activities. Doing so would be quite welcome, though, “to gain first insights into the potential reach of such a project.” The note continued: “Now that almost 15 years have passed and the crimes of September 11, 2001, have yet to be prosecuted or the true perpetrators and instigators of the crime identified and named, investigations that deserve that name cannot be expected to happen for decades yet. As understandable and as legitimate as it may be to continue demanding the truth about 9/11 and for a decent crime investigation into the gruesome mass murder that happened on that day, it is unfortunately just as illusory and unrealistic to expect the demands to be met in real life. Given that the official legends promulgated by governments and media alike are thus going to continue to stand as truths, realpolitik tells us that rational arguments are no longer any use against them. Wherever legends have become official “true history” and have been declared state creeds on which governments base their power politics, rational critique has become obsolete.
It is for these reasons that we propose to found a new creed that states clearly its unshakable belief in the official stories of 9/11 and which celebrates the miraculous promotion of these myths to the ranks of solidly governmentally verified truths. As this involves in part violations of the laws of nature and statistics as well as those of logic or common sense, we have decided on a working title of “Church of Free Fall” for our project. We are working to achieve official recognition as a religious order for the “C. o. F. F.”. The C.o.F.F. – despite originating as a secular “knowledge community” -has its very own founding myths and miracles that are in no way inferior to those of established churches, as its Credo as attached below amply demonstrates. The Credo has been adopted officially by the International Section of the preliminary C.o.F.F. Episcopate, to serve as a firm foundation of the religious community. Further extensions of the Credo, including additional fundamental beliefs, dogmas, and rituals, are currently under development. The C.o.F.F. Credo bows to a realpolitik of war, observation, and “security” that has arisen from the dust and ashes of the WTC towers. The C.o.F.F. replaces strength-by-refusal with the joy of affirmation, celebrates the insanity of reality as well as the truly just Great War on Terror. Instead of fighting its enemies, the C.o.F.F. embraces its enemy in a stranglehold. You are welcome to publish our manifest.” Which I will do forthwith:


We trust in the one suitcase of 200

Which got left at the gate

And which revealed all the proof

We might ever have needed:

Teaching videos on how to fly a Boeing plane,

Instructions for airplane hijackers,

A Hamburg, Germany, registration form,

A diploma granted by the Technical University of Hamburg,

And the Final Will and Testament of Mohammed Atta,

The “Leader” of the hijackers.

We believe

That that man wished to carry his testament

With him onto his suicide mission,

Just in case his deadly flight

Failed to end in an enormous ball of fire.

Or because he figured

His testament naturally indestructible,

Just like the passport of his fellow hijacker Al Sugami

That was discovered unscathed next to the WTC.

We believe

That two airplanes are able to

Bring down three skyscrapers

The first time ever in the history of construction

That steel framed skyscrapers became

Pulverized by burgeoning fires alone,

While a plastic-and-paper passport

Is able to survive the inferno unscathed.

We believe

In the Free Fall

In which burning office furniture

Brought down WTC7 so fast

That the BBC was able to report it

20 minutes beforehand.

We believe

That Hani Hanjour might have been bad at flying small aircraft,

Bad enough for the rental agency to refuse to rent him a Cessna,

But that he did succeed in hitting the Pentagon

From behind at ten feet above the ground

Descending with a jumbo jet at 500 mph

In an ingenious curve around the building.

We believe

That he did not just keep on flying straight

Into the offices of the Pentagon Chiefs

Because he wished to make air navigation history

Through an ingenious maneuver taking him

“Once around the most highly secured building of the world”

Along with aces of the air like the Red Baron before him.

We believe

That the total absence of an air defense

Not just above the Pentagon

But above the entire U.S. air space

Had nothing whatsoever to do

With the “war games” that

Were taking place that morning.

We believe

That “nobody could ever have imagined

That terrorists would ever fly a hijacked plane into a building” (CONDOLEZZA RICE)

Despite the fact that these war games

Were using as a war scenario precisely what was happening that day,

Namely the hijacking of passenger airplanes.

We believe

That Osama Bin Laden masterminded this

“Surprise attack” from a cave in Afghanistan

Even when the FBI announces it has no proof of his complicity in the attack,

And even when he himself refused to take any credit whatsoever for

Taking part in that particular act of terror

In his first interview after, on Sept. 18, 2001.

We believe

That he and his 19 “hijackers”, armed with nothing but box cutters,

Were solely responsible for succeeding in this attack,

Despite the fact that due to totally bogus visas

15 of them would never even have reached U.S. soil

Had not the U.S. Consulate in Jidda, Saudi Arabia,

Simply waved through the lot of them.

We believe

That the CIA never had any idea of this

Even if a visa official of that consulate,

Michael Springman, became a whistleblower

Because his office was constantly being used

To funnel suspicious Arab “freedom fighters”

Into the U.S.A.

We believe

That the Saudi security service had no idea either

And that it was purely as an act of charity

That the “terror logistics expert” Al Midhar

And his colleague Al Hazmi received

Monthly stipends from the wife of Royal Ambassador to the U.S.,

Prince Bandar, during their stay in San Diego.

We believe

That the Pakistani secret service had nothing to do with 9/11 either,

Whose chief, General Ahmad, was having breakfast in Washington on 9/11

With the heads of the secret service oversight committees of

House and Senate, Bob Graham and Porter Goss,

And who shortly after resigned without a word

When word got out that his secret agent Omar Saeed Sheikh

Transferred 100,000 U.S. Dollars of funds to Mohammed Atta.

We believe

That neither was Israel’s Mossad involved

Even if five of its agents were arrested in New York City

Filming themselves triumphing and showing victory signs

With the WTC towers burning in the background

Only to claim on a TV talk show in their home country,

Where they had quietly been deported to,

They had been in New York City “to document the events”.

We believe

That it was simply a hugely unlucky chain of events

That all these ever vigilant secret services “failed” their duties

And a truly unlucky chain of unlucky events that enabled

Osama and his 19 box cutter wielding hijackers

To pulverize three skyscrapers all by themselves

And to murder 3000 people.

We believe

In George W. Bush’s warning to the United Nations General Assembly:

“We must speak the truth about terror.

Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories

concerning the attacks of September the 11th;

malicious lies that attempt

to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves,

away from the guilty.” ( <http://www.state.gov/p/io/potusunga/207556.htm> )

We believe

That only malicious liars, outrageous conspiracy theorists,

Intolerable anti-Semites and notorious anti-Americans,

Enemies of freedom and friends of terrorism

Can deny the truths of the 9/11 Commission’s Final Report

After all, it includes the undeniable confessions of an accomplice

By the name of Khalid Sheikh Mohamed.

We believe

In the truth of these confessions

Even if they were extracted in 182 torture sessions

During which the prisoner was subjected to waterboarding

Because only malicious heretics and crazy conspiracy theorists

Who also believe in aliens from outer space or who have been infested by the devil

Would question the investigations into 9/11

Or much less request a completely new re-investigation.

We believe

In our democratic media of repute

Who recognize the divisive poison in these doubts

And pillory those who heinously try to spread it

To strengthen the belief of our Brothers and Sisters

In the Holy Script of the 9/11 Report

And in our governing bodies that proclaim it

In defense of our freedom and security.

Let us therefore pray:

Our 9/11

Thou camest from out of the blue sky

Hallowed be thy name

Thy GWOT* has come

Whose will be done

With drones in the heavens

As it is with wars on Earth.

Give us this day our daily budgets

(the fall of the Soviet Union had put those very much in question, after all)

And never forgive a terrorist

As thy GWOT* just keeps on

Creating new ones daily

And lead us not into temptation

To deliver ourselves from the evils of a war

Without end and without an end,

For thine is the imperial kingdom

And the military power

And “Full Spectrum Dominance”

For ever


*Great War On Terror

© C.o.F.F. Church of Free Fall

All rites reversed


Translated from “9/11 Unser”  by Andreas Strotmann.

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  1. So sad!
    if you know nearly all the details of the event on 911 and tell it to the public it has no effect on the public minds.
    The depression caused through that result is one more damage the exedcuters of this event are happy about.
    Sogar wenn man mit dem Finger auf die Schuldigen zeigt, lachen diese sich schief!
    Denn Sie sind scheinbar nahezu, oderf tatsächlich unangreifbar.
    Skull and bones, etc. …
    Wie können wir lauter werden?
    Gibt es lesungen mit Herrn Bröckers?
    Alles Gute!

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